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My bed feels so nice...

sometimes I wonder if LJ has fallen out of vogue because many have adapted to the short style of the facebook status and tweet.

I'm so tired. There are so many things I need to do. I need to write up some lists of questions for my elder relatives regarding their good old days for my genealogy projects. I have to print a bunch of stuff and devise a format for presentation that isn't confusing or weird for a genealogy book format. I have to scan some of the things I found in the attic so I can give them to other family members. Was going to do some of my printing tonight but I Just feel so brain dead. meh.

And I have to organize and start my holiday knitting... though I'm beginning to think there's nooo way in hell I am going to meet my huge ambitions. The house is filthy. I have friends I haven't seen in awhile that I need to reach out to.

I just wish I could have several days to myself... or could have a week of short work days.. or something. Heh. I guess I have the time I could ask for that...
I wish the work week was like the school day used to be... getting out at 2:30 every day would be completely fantastic.

Also on a completely unrelated note I am glad I finally bought the MP3s of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" !!!!

Going to sleep and hope I don't wake up sick tomorrow like eeeeveryone else.
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