Mollie (lesmisgirl) wrote,

I waaasted today - in a big way.
I was in and out of bed all until about noon today - spent much of the time out of bed on the computer and then took a walk to get some sunlight before it went about.
And fuuuck is it ever winter outside. But there is a nice warm kitty cat on my lap keeping me warm now. So, Thanks Roxy.

The past week was tough. So I went off of the Omeprazole for the acid reflux because I was getting all of this creepy pressure in my solar plexus - and then I got some sores there... and it felt sometimes like I was belching up food (a little like with the Rinitidine - but not AS bad...)
So I stopped taking it because I think that's sensible. At first it got much much worse - from some reading I've learned that your body goes through withdrawal when you stop taking that shit and starts secreting MORE stomach acid. For awhile the sores were so raw I was walking hunched over a little so they wouldn't hurt as bad.

But since then things have gotten better. the sores are most gone. I started taking enzymes.. I'm only on day 2 of the digestive enzymes but I think they are working and I think they may really be helping me absorb my food better because after taking them and eating my body has gotten this delightful tingling feeling... Maybe I'm just malnourished due to poor absorption... I do have these vertical ridges in my finger nails that are supposedly from bad nutrition usually.

regardless I have been at least a little less hoarse than before.

It's been really interesting though. I went out to dinner w/ a friend last night and I ordered a salad without asking what was in it... and it was a Redbones so their salad was basically greens with some peppers, onions and big slices of tomatos on top.... I cannot eat onions.. or tomatos... so I ende dup paying 5 bucks for some lettuce really. which was pretty dumb. I felt really awkward.

Then we went to a movie and then went out to get a second beer / more food because I fucking ate lettuce for dinner - so I ordered a bean soup... without thinking to ask what kind of base it was - and sure enough it was tomato. I should have known better - they didn't charge me for it though... And Justin let me have his oyster crackers so I ended up eating lettuce and oyster crackers and beer for dinner. (yes, I know beer is probably not that great for acid reflux.. but I"m 25 .. give me a break sooomewhere)

We saw the social network - which was an interesting movie.. But dude.. douchey college boys are quite simply douchey college boys. ooh Poor Zuckerman tortured genius.. Uh, huh. It was a fun movie though. Good times.
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