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So my tonsil issues were really bad Laryngeal Pharyngeal Reflux.
Which basically means stomach acids are burning the SHIT out of my voice box and tonsils.
Which severely limits what I can eat, when I can eat it.. and all kinds of awesome factors which I am trying to adhere to because I do not want to lose my singing voice even if I don't use it much anymore.

Thus far I have bought risers to lift the head of my bed to help keep the acid away from my throat when I lay down... so my bed is tilted 5 inches. which is weird. and I keep slowly creeping down the bed at night.
This will be hilarious if and when I start dating again.

Initially (before the scoped my throat) my dr. told me to take rinitidine for my heartburn which I'd been taking after meals.. and felt like it wasn't doing anything.
So it instructs that you can take it 30 minutes before a meal to prevent heartburn.. which is how the Ear Nose throat dr. told me I should take it after my throat probe.

So I do.. and it made everything so much worse. the acid reflux which - aside from my tonsils and some changes in my voice - I hadn't noticed much... suddenly became the painful fires of hell.
as little bits of food started coming up into my mouth, and sticking in my sinuses. and it stayed that way for days after I stopped taking that shit. It's really still not back to the way it was which, while not normal, I didn't have shit in my sinuses that burned.

So I called to get another medicine suggestion.. and oooh the medicine prescribed costs $179... with insurance.
Nuh-uh. So I called again today and they haven't gotten back to me yet.

I HATE meds, but pretty much everything on line says that diet alone won't stop the stomach acid and I would really love for my adnoids and tonsils to heal so I can sing again.

Also, I think my birth control has stopped working (or never worked) and is contributing to the reflux as the only other time I've had aaaanything like this happen I was on Aviane and I was a CRAZY BITCH (it was the lowest dose possible and so my body was still producing all its own hormones and I was adding more on top of it).
I've come to realize over the past 5 years that if I find myself frequently crying and can't hold it in in public during normal situations (i.e. excluding deaths, and other things of awful) then there is probably something going on with the pills I'm on. So that's going to be a call to the gyno who will probably think I'm crazy because I constantly change BC, but weird shit keeps happening.

Also progestin apparently causes a lot of people to create excess stomach acid.. weird.

I've been taking a lot of antacids which do help to some degree.

For realz, can I Pleeeease be 20 again? I didn't have any friggin problems when I was 20.

The only good thing that has come of this is I have stopped drinking soda.. and now I no longer feel tired in the middle of the afternoon, which is pretty rad. I had no idea that was caffeine influenced. Crazy.

And yes, Your welcome, I know you wanted me to completely overshare my stomach acid experiences.
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